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Signature Beard Oil

Fragrance: Desert Dusk

Are you ready to jumpstart your beard care journey?

Then look no further than our Signature Beard Oil - the most important piece of gear that your facial forest needs. If you’re growing a beard, then you know that it can be an itchy process as your hair starts to grow.

However, applying Beard Oil can help relieve the itch as it penetrates the skin underneath your beard to nourish and provide it with essential nutrients for healthy growth. Consider Beard Oil as your base layer – always apply it before any other product.

Lightweight yet fast absorbing, this base layer won't slow down or weigh down the bearded masterpiece you're creating - let our specially curated formula be your guide as you embark on your grooming journey.

Don't get left behind; grab some Signature Beard Oil today and set off into new adventures with confidence!

Viscosity: Medium (non-greasy + fast absorbing)

Size: 1 fl oz/30 ml with reducer top

  • Scent Profiles

    Desert Dusk - A sweet, spicy, and musky blend containing notes of tonka bean, pepper, and musk.

    Embered Nights - A warm, spicy, and inviting blend containing notes of tobacco, vanilla, and spice.


    Lakeside Lodge - A clean, nautical, and fresh blend containing notes teakwood, citrus, and driftwood.


    Orchard Breeze - A crisp, herbal, and exotic blend containing notes of apple, cardamom, and amber.


    Rustic Ridge - A woodsy, rich, and smooth blend containing notes of oak, bourbon, and hickory.


    Saddle Creek - A bold, rugged, and woodsy blend containing notes of leather, cedar, and oakmoss.


    Sierra Sunset - A bright, tropical, and smooth blend containing notes of citrus, vanilla, and coconut.


    Timber Trail - An earthy, woodsy, and aromatic blend containing notes of redwood, birch, and soil.


    Basecamp - An unscented blend for your next great adventure. Please note, there may be a slight “natural” smell due to the carrier oils but it is nothing overpowering.

  • Ingredients
    Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Castor Oil, Fragrance
  • How To Use

    - Place a few drops of oil into your palms and rub hands together
    - Focusing on the skin underneath, distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard hair
    - Finish styling with a comb or brush

Beard Oil Benefits

 - Nourishes the skin underneath your beard which eliminates beard itch and dandruff
- Lightweight and fast absorbing so that your beard is not greasy
- Vitamins and antioxidants keep your skin healthy and your beard strong  

Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
Bradley H.

I first learned of this company from Dan C. Bearded & ordered the Coastal Command (I can't wait until that is restocked) but after reading the descriptions I decided I'd give Sierra Sunset a try & I am very glad I did. I love the consistency of both their oils & butters. Great product & they are now on my regular order list which is not them & about two other places but the scents here are right up there among the best I have tried & I have been bearded a long time now, try you some of this you'll be happy you did.




Another fantastic scent from Cory! A truly masculine scent that I really like. Not overbearing in the slightest, can definitely be used as an everyday signature scent. Don’t let the leather scare you, it’s not the in your face, headache type. Blended so incredibly well together, if you like manly scents then I’m sure you’ll love this!

John D.
Timer trail

The G.O.A.T(trails)!! This has become a staple in my collection. Get ready to be transported to the most peaceful stroll through the woods you've ever had. This is what I compare all other "woodsy/earthy" scents to!


My husband loves these products for his beard

Basecamp Beard Oil

Amazing beard oil. Love the way it feels on my skin and beard. The Shea nut oil and fractionated coconut oil work wonders on keeping the beard hairs and skin moisturized and ‘conditioned’ (not like conditioner product). I love the entirety of the oil blend and it just feels amazing overall.

I went with unscented for the beard oil, there is a slight nutty scent but I don’t pick it up easily and it also smells good when I do smell it., I was mostly just avoiding rubbing non essential fragrance oils onto my face as they sometimes irritate my skin and the unscented works perfect for that.