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Based on 1162 reviews
Beard Wash

This beard wash is well done. It’s one of the best I have tried. I recommend it and will absolutely buy it again.

Midnight Cruz Beard Butter

This scent smells amazing. I love it. It can work as a nighttime scent or a professional daytime scent in my opinion. As always this butter is amazing, smoothest butter I’ve ever tried. This is my second purchase,

Midnight Cruz Spray Parfum Bundle Set

This scent is in my top 2 from Weatherbeard. The Parfum does not disappoint. It is spot on to the oil. And this scent is pure money. Get Some!

Midnight Cruz Spray Parfum Bundle Set (Limited Edition)

I have been sleeping on Midnight Cruz. This cologne is smooth; def an everyday wear and I LOVE the travel spray bottles. Keep them in my bag and spray a little in between meetings or seeing the wife. If babies are born from this scent just send the medical bill to J Cruz and Weatherbeard. Pick this up and use code HEALTHY10 to support J Cruz! I will pick this up again when I run out.

Lakeside Lodge

This my 3rd bottle of Parfum that I purchased and have loved everyone. I will continue to support their company.

Dylan+sample pack

Y'all have some of the best scents I've ever used for beard products. Out of the 8 there are 2 that still smell good but aren't my favorite. The fact that y'all have 6 scents that I love is crazy. The oil is perfect as well. It's the perfect thickness that allows me to go all day without having to worry about my beard drying out. Definitely going to be one of my go to brands

Rustic Ridge & Saddle Creek beard oil

Great carrier oils. My beard feels and smells great. Looking forward to trying other products.

Amazing Product

Fantastic feel in beard. Does not weigh beard down. Soft but not too soft. Good scents. Not over powering nor what I would say an all day scent. Will buy again.

Weatherbeard Beard Butter

This beard butter has a terrific texture. The butter melts readily in your hands and is so easy to apply to one's beard. I believe the butter has helped my beard hair to become softer and more manageable. After applying the butter to my beard I always wipe any remaining product on my once-rough knuckles, elbows and knees--I swear it works better than lotion. Let me also praise Weatherbeard's packaging. Many companies are smart enough to package their beard oil in glass bottles. However, fewer companies take care to package their butters in glass containers. Thank you, Weatherbeard.

Beard Wash
Basecamp Beard Wash

Top Notch! One of the top beard washes out there.

Coastal Command Beard Butter (Special Edition)

Great product better scent

Beard Butter - Rustic Ridge

This is the best beard butter I’ve tried so far. It is the creamiest and softest out of all the ones I’ve used. Makes my beard feel great overnight and really nourishes the hair. I love that they only use Shea butter and then their carrier blend, it makes this a great butter for not only dry skin but oily/acne prone skin as well since there isn’t any harder butters in here.

The rustic ridge scent is amazing imo. Perfect night time scent as it’s pretty relaxing. Lasts a while too.

Basecamp Beard Oil

Amazing beard oil. Love the way it feels on my skin and beard. The Shea nut oil and fractionated coconut oil work wonders on keeping the beard hairs and skin moisturized and ‘conditioned’ (not like conditioner product). I love the entirety of the oil blend and it just feels amazing overall.

I went with unscented for the beard oil, there is a slight nutty scent but I don’t pick it up easily and it also smells good when I do smell it., I was mostly just avoiding rubbing non essential fragrance oils onto my face as they sometimes irritate my skin and the unscented works perfect for that.

Beard oil Timber Trail

This is my favorite scent from all the companies I've purchased beard oil from. But as of right now I'm not sure if it is the best feeling oil yet but will be using it more the figure that out I've got some great feeling oils but this one smells the best.

Love it the smells stays with me all day. Also it doesn’t damage my beard. I’ll definitely buy from this company again.

Beard Wash
Manny P.
Beard wash

Best beard wash I have used so far. Doesn’t strip your beard. But leaves it feeling good and clean. As a mechanic I wash daily and this is one of go to.

Midnight Cruz beard oil

Midnight Cruz was one of the first oil I bought from weatherbeard. Love the scent. Great feel in beard. I usually wear this for night time or date nights. Scent stays overnight. Love it. Will definitely be buying more if this when I run out.

Bar soap

The bar soap and the scent is great. Only issue is the scent goes away the more it gets use.

Timber Trail

I love the way it makes my beard feel and smiles. I recommend it to anybody now my wife loves the smell of it.

Beard oils and balms in Lakeside Lodge and Embered Nights.

I really like these two scents. The Lakeside Lodge is a very fresh clean scent with a touch of spicy/musky notes. The Embered Nights has sweet cinnamon notes with a touch of tobacco as well. Neither scent is overbearing; they are a great blend. I really like the oils. The absorb quickly and have a dry feel afterward. Your skin won’t feel oily after applying it. The same goes for the balms. They emulsify quickly and don’t leave your beard feeling greasy. The scents last a long time and the balms leave my beard feeling really soft. A great purchase. Will have to get samples of the other scents to try.

Desert dusk

Anything from this company is the best of the best. The scent is nice

Midnight cruz

Anything from this company is the best of the best. The scent is nice

Arctic command- Best Mint

I have a bad sensitivity to strong smells so scents that last l day are not for me. However, arctic command is one of my favorite beard oils I have ever purchased. From anyone. It has a strong mint/menthol smell when you first apply it. It ALMOST hits me like a Vic’s vapo rub. That medicinal smell quickly fades into the sweet vanilla to make a magical combination. It opens your sinuses and smells amazing. For me, the best part is that the smell quickly fades (about an hour or so) I NEED scents like that because I am sensitive to strong/long lasting scents. If you like fresh, clean, and invigorating smells you need to try this. It’s a winner.

Beard Wash
Ted M.
Beard wash and Beard conditioner

This is definitely my favorite daily wash! I can use this wash twice a day without damaging my beard and I work in the food industry so that's a must! I would highly recommend giving this stuff a shot, one thing I like about the conditioner is it applies much better than most it actually gives a slight suds to mix in beard better

Sample was so good, had to get the full size almost immediately

Four simple scents come together for such a warm, inviting scent, I felt a bit bad for waiting so long to pick this one up. The name sounds like I imagine a midnight cruise would be, watching the sea float by, enjoying a treat with the Mrs., not worrying or caring about anything, just enjoying the moment.