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Based on 1095 reviews
Signature Beard Balm
Ember Nights: The beard Balmiest!

First of all, Weatherbeardsupply makes excellent products. Their beard balm has become a staple in my life. I live in the PNW and the weather here is murder on facial hair. The beard balm is hearty enough to shield my beard from the elements and keep it healthy and shaped nicely. Top it off with an inviting scent like Ember Nights and it doesn't get much better. Ember Nights starts off with a sweet gingerbread scent to matures into a toasted marshmallow/smore scent; eventually ending with a mild shortbread scent after a full days wear.

Midnight Cruz: in a class of its own.

I didn't want to give Midnight Cruz a poor review; it is very much a quality product. I bought this as a possible alternative to Ember Nights since they shared many similarities in their scent profile descriptions. For me, they're very very different. I wanted to simply spread a bit of caution for anyone else whom may want to expand their pallette, as I did. It still offered the excellent hold, conditioning, and shine I've come to love from all that weatherbeardsupply offers.

Midnight Cruz Beard Oil

This my favorite scent from Weatherbeard (and I like them all). This one however just soothes me. Makes my pelt nice and soft as well.

Desert Dusk beard oil

This scent is one I really like. The carrier oils are the stars of the show, though. My beard is softer than soft and my skin underneath feels healthy with no itch. Love this company

Beard Oil- Artic Command

I love this product it feels so refreshing when applied definitely everything I was looking for in a oil will definitely purchase again!!

Rustic Ridge beard oil

Love the beard oil! Great blend. Makes my beard feel great. Styles well with the oil too. Love the scent as well. Smells great. More complex then I thought! Definitely will be getting more. Highly recommend.

Weatherbeard Campfire Tee

Great shirt! Fits perfect and is so comfortable.

Best Butter Ever

I love this butter so much. My beard feels great after I apply it. I don’t know what they did to this butter but it is my favorite. The scent profile seems to last even longer than the oil as well. WeatherBeard butters are the absolute best.

Pineapple Goodness

This beard oil is amazing. The scent is like rubbing a freshly sliced pineapple all over your beard and the scent last all day. The oil blend is awesome and always leaves my beard feeling fresh and smooth. Love this stuff.

Coastsl command beard balm

AWESOME PRODUCT!!!! The smell is perfect! Moistures the hair and tames it! A must have!! Mahalo for a fine product!!!!

Beard Wash & Beard Condioner / No Scent

Very Satisfied with purchase .. met my expectations. Wanted beard shampoo that would not be ‘harsh’ to beard and still leave beard clean and soft. Conditioner also helped soften my thick beard. No scent is personal preference in that I followup with scented oil/butter. Other than a sense of ‘aroma therapy’ in shower .. scented shampoos never ranked high on my choices.. again .. personal choice. Would recommend both shampoo and conditioner.

3 Beard oil

They smell amazing. My wife bought me the sample pack of beard oils, which I recommend, and I loved the embered nights, rustic ridge, leather, and the pine forest. It really gives you a manly woodsie smell. I get complaints all the time about what I put in my beard, and that it smells great. I can not wait for seasonal oils. Hopefully some autumn scents, winter, and maybe some Halloween scents would be awesome.

Arctic Command Sample!

I'll say it now, skip the sample and just buy the big bottle if you are even the slightly bit of a mint fan! WOW, this is great. Scent notes hit all the right spots, nice cooling effect while you let it absorb! I'll be adding this full one to my regular routine!

Try Them All, Sample Kit!!

Great scents, great feel in beard, not greasy or heavy. Absolutely love this sampler kit tin that these come in!

Arctic Command Beard Oil

This was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a cool, invigorating, mint scent. The mint is a bit strong so it does a great job opening up the sinuses after a hot shower. I highly recommend this oil, great product.

Jorge lopez

Make my face itch pretty bad

Arctic Command Oil

I honestly did NOT think I was going to like the scent. I tried another scent from this creator that claimed to be minty, but was from from it. However, this scent exceed all of my expectations and easily became one of my favorites. The vanilla helps to balance out the mint and eucalyptus perfectly, it is honestly a year round scent. It can be used as a night time scent, as I found it to be really calming. The best part is it gives a slightly cooling, tingling sensation upon initial application.

Coastal Command Oil

It packs a super fruity punch! Extremely pleasant scent.

Midnight Cruz Oil

This scent is like Embered Nights, minus the spicy. Replace the spicy with amber and it's the same scent but mellow. My wife absolutely loved it, so it gets 5 stars.

Lakeside Lodge butter

I bought the oil and butter and very glad I did! The butter is very smooth and absorbs into beard very fast. My beard is as soft as it’s ever been. I will be buying more products from Weatherbeard!

Midnight Cruz Beard Oil

This is a great scent. The vanilla is strong, but quickly dissipates to bring out the amber and slight tobacco scent.

Rustic Ridge

Leaves my beard feeling soft and gleaming . And all day excellent aroma

Lakeside Lodge

This was my first purchase from weatherbeard, and I was not disappointed at all! Great scent that lasts, and feels great in beard. I will most definitely be buying more!

Beard Wash
Patrick S.
Great stuff!

Awesome beard wash. Feels good. Lots of suds. Cleans well without drying out my beard. Even somehow smells good despite being unscented. No chemical smell like some unscented washes. I think this might be the one I stick with.:-)

8 Piece Signature Beard Oil Sample Kit

This is a great sample kit and in my opinion, a must so you know what scents you like. I didn’t like a ton of them. Some were okay. Sierra sunset, embered nights, and lakeside lodge were probably the ones I liked best. The oil itself was pretty good too. Not my favorite blend I’ve ever used but still good! A few of them have an artificial Nyquil aroma .