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Based on 1348 reviews
Southbound Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)

Very nice oil and applies and goes into my beard amazingly.

Praire Peak soap

I was a little hesitant at the price but I love hand crafted soap and alot of local soap is $8 anyways. I'm really glad I bit the bullet because this soap is amazing!! I haven't used alot of this soap as you only need a little over your body, not like alot of other soap. I highly recommend weatherbeards bar soap and I will definitely be back for more.

Timber trail butter

This is a great and soft butter. It makes my beard really soft. I love weather beards products!

Brad Conner

I never thought I’d be a guy who buys speciality soap, but after getting frustrated that name-brand soap is useless after the 10th day of use, I decided to buy some at the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. This soap lasts exactly one month for me, and it could last longer but I throw them out when they get thin. I especially like the ones with grit in them, which I found to be the case with Backcountry and Alpine Eacape so far. I’m still going through the ones I purchased, one month at a time. All I can say is that I’m sold on this soap. It’s excellent and makes me feel like I’m on a vacation every morning. My only wish is that they add that grit to more of the scents.

Beard Conditioner
Jeremy R.
Unscented Conditioner

Really enjoyed this conditioner.

I like the scent. It’s soft and subtle but lasts most of the day.

Best scent ever! Please NEVER discontinue

I’ve tried almost every oil from Artius man, Sphinx, Kingsmen etc and my go to was always Octane’s Nitro for work days, & Envy for days off. Midnight Cruz is the best scented beard oil period. Not too strong, lasts for hours, the notes come off as more fall or winter but it’s so well-balanced that it works for all seasons. If oud scents are too strong, citrus scents are too punchy and gourmand scents are too cloying this one is the PERFECT oil. Again I’ve tried almost every beard oil out there and constantly I find myself on YouTube looking for suggestions that I won’t get bored of. This is that suggestion. My new go to. And the compliments are through the roof! Please please no matter what keep this oil

Beard Butter + Basecamp

This butter is on another level. Being newer to beard products, it can be a little overwhelming with so much out there. I picked this up based on a recommendation by Dan C. The softness I immediately felt in my beard was unreal. It was easier to work with the next morning and generally felt great. I would recommend this product.

Fantastic scent and beard feel!

Southbound Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)

Smells amazing, also stays in your beard most of the day as well(I work outside too)

Love all the smells and they are not too overpowering.

Beard Butter - Midnight Cruz

Dan C Bearded (YouTube) was right! Not only are the WeatherBeard Supply Co. products top notch, so are the staff and owner. Great customer support. The beard butter works wonders and smells amazing. Could not be more happy with my purchase!

Door County - Butter - Fantastic!

Weatherbeard butter truly is a fantastic butter. It makes your beard feel incredibly soft and healthy. No residual greasy after affects, great absorption into the hair. The scent itself is one of my favorites from Weatherbeard for sure! The cherry is bright and not medicinal. The vanilla add some sweetness to the cherry, but the woodsy notes really even everything out. Excellent choice!

Basecamp butter

Fantastic all around. More than "unscented" I would say this is as close to a truly scentless butter as I've tried. Easy to add a couple drops from any oil without covering up the scent of the oil. Perfect complement to the sample kit! Super smooth and light butter, more on the nourishing/softening end of the spectrum than the styling/hold side of some butters that are a little more dense. Excellent choice depending what you're looking for but this is my go-to unscented option!

Excellent sample kit

Still working my way through the various scent profiles but so far enjoying them all. Carrier blend is a very nice medium viscosity, medium scent strengths, fairly long lasting. Overall well balanced and I would definitely recommend!

Survival Kit

The survival kit is awesome! The oil blend feel in beard is absolutely fantastic. If you haven't tried Weatherbeard you need to!!

Southbound Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)
Shane S.
Southbound oil

I am glad I found this oil before it sold out. The scent is wonderfully fruity with a nice, mellow smoothness. It also keeps my beard super soft. Sad to see it going away.

Outstanding !

Outstanding product, Great scent it lasts 8+ hours. Two thumbs up.

Door County oil/balm

It’s crazy to say this, having only, bought one other scent and the unscented… But Door County is one of the best scents ever! I hope this scent never leaves! I’ll just keep buying this scent over and over!

Excellent feel in beard and fragrance

Excellent feel in beard and fragrance… not over powering but just right…!

oil+sunset, orchard, ember, lakeside

These are my absolute favorite scents y'all make. I love the product you make one of my absolute favorite beard product producers

Amazing product! Best beard care product out there! Will buy again.

Amazing product! Will buy again.

3 stars

Emebered nights is good, sierra sunset was a waste of money and cannot return it. 25 bucks wasted, samples not readily apparent, you have to go find them under oils so you don't waste your money on bad scents. Literally going to have to throw it in the garbage.

Worth Every Scent!

Sample oil "Survival Kit" is worth every penny too! I already knew how good the oil feels, and the nourishment I get in beard from using my Arctic Command, oh so good. Probably my favorite scent of any company, if you like clean peppermint like I do you will love that one. But as for the other scents, oh yeah, them too! I've only tried 4 out of 8 so far. Saddle Creek was a bit strong for my personal taste. Leather scent not being my thing, but quality nonetheless, and long lasting. Timber Trail was definitely outdoors and great, I actually got the soil scent. Love Lakeside Lodge, but smells different than I imagined. The description is right on, but surprised me in a beautiful way. Fresh, a bit of sweet, but with sophisticated undertones. And Orchard Breeze I didn't think I would care for is my favorite so far! A lighter scent, not pushy or overbearing, just clean and pleasant, long lasting but subtle. Looking forward to the last four. Dan C said this was the sample kit to try, "full of surprises" and he was right, again! Masterfully crafted scents with a love of the natural world, and amazing in beard feel. Can,t go wrong. Lifetime customer indeed. Thanks Weatherbeard!