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Based on 1424 reviews

Nice cherry scent, great feel in beard.

Great feel in beard, pleasant mild scent.

Beard Wash
Base Camp Wash

Ok, I can admit when I am wrong. At 1st, I didnt think this wash would replace my main daily wash. I felt it was drying my beard. It does do that a little but after using it for a week straight and then using my main go to for a week straight, I can now say I am parking my RV at Base Camp! My beard just "acts right" after several uses. My other wash does have ingredients I like that is not in this one but I can't deny this has a better overall feeling of greatness. a Biotin and Hemp Oil version off the table, Cory? I would absolutley love to see a line of those across the board!

Beard Conditioner

I've had the beard wash for awhile now, only takes a little, so lathering and softening. So I decided to try the conditioner since I was almost out of my current one. Best conditioner I've tried. When I use the wash then conditioner together, oh yeah. So, imo, apart, they are two of the best, if not the best, washes and conditioners I've tried, but together it's not even close.
You will agree, just look at the other reviews, they're not wrong, really good quality products.

Beard Wash
Beard Wash/ Basecamp

Love the wash. I feel like it lathers better in your beard then your palm. But man it lathers. Love that I have a daily wash that makes my beard feel fresh but also clean without all the chemicals. Cory knows what he is doing.

Beard Conditioner
Joseph S.
Beard Conditioner/ Basecamp

Love the conditioner. Coming from scotch porter this stuff works with my beard better and it is natural which I love. My wife has a thing for scents so having Basecamp scent is amazing. Fresh, clean and beard feels great.

Door County

I like cherry scent profiles and Door County is really good one.

Timber Trail Oil is Perfect!

Imagine going for a walk through the woods on a cool spring morning taking in the aroma of fresh soil and nature. This is what Timber Trail is like to me! AMAZING!

door county parfum

I love this scent, the beard butter is my go to prouct, the parfum only compliments the butter ,my favorite combo so far.

embered nights beard butter

Product had melted ,followed instructions included to restore to solid state ,but there should have been a better seal on the jar to keep it from coming out ,otherwise it was a great scent.I gave it a 4 only because of the leakage.

Coastal Command

I love this stuff so much I now have 9 bottles on my shelf (6 of which I ordered just a few weeks ago). I for sure don't want to run out of this. You can only give it 5 stars but it's 10 stars!

Coastal Command

I love the stuff so much I now have 3 bottles on my shelf! The scent is just great!

Beard Wash
Robert R.
Beard Wash- Basecamp

This beard wash is perfect for anyone (like myself) with sensitive skin. My beard is always left soft and clean, then I follow up with the Basecamp beard butter to keep it comfortable all day.

Signature Beard Butter
Christopher H.
Timber trail oil, and butter

Timber Trail went beyond my expectation on a nature and woodsy scent! The oil sinks into my beard just right, and the butter is perfectly creamy for my beard type. This scent profile is perfect for the adventurer and rugged man in every man.

Chicago Comb #8

I absolutely love this comb. I have been using a hair pick designed for beards for a while now but the angle holding it made it awkward to use especially on the underside by the neck.

I saw this comb in a YouTube video and ordered it right way. This is the absolute best tool for de-tangling and styling long beard. I wish that I had found this comb a couple of years ago.

Basecamp Butter

This butter is wonderful specially if you have thick coarse beard hair like me!!! Leaves my beard still feeling soft throughout the night!!! Pick you up some weatherbeard you won’t go wrong!!!

Fantastic. Don't pass this scent up. It is great for summer

Awesome summer scent. Best pineapple scent EVER.

Beard Wash

Fantastic beard wash.

Awesome. My favorite scent from Weatherbeard

Great scent . One of my favorites from Weatherbeard

I think this is my favorite scent. Ive tried most of the samples and I like them all but this one stands out as my daily go to. It has a nice cologne type smell that goes well with my preferences. Its not overbearing at all and lasts most of day. Good stuff!

I liked the balm and thought it offered medium hold, however the scent was very light compared to the oil.

I ordered the sample pack, wash and conditioner, arctic Command oil ajd butter and a Chicago 8 comb. This is the 1st time Ive ordered a sample pack and loved every single scent. The Arctic Command completes the line up and now I kmow what my scent profile is....if I was to give that profile a name, id say its Weatherbeard! Oils and butter feel really good and styles very well. the wash and conditioner is a great add to my rotation as well. Love how I can feel the conditioner working. I didnt expect the wash to be stripping, it may have a little bit stripping but def leaves the beard feeling clean. It wont replace my daily wash but its def my mid week wash routine. Overall, amazing products and they have gained my trust