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Weatherbeard Beard Butter

Explore the best in beard & body care

Adventure inspired beard care, solid cologne, & soap

Nourish your facial forest with premium handcrafted grooming goods

Nourish your facial forest with premium handcrafted grooming goods

Beard Oil Sample Kit

Our beard oil sample kit, also called the "Wilderness Survival Kit", is the perfect tool to have in your pack for your wild man mane! Take the guesswork out of your next purchase by picking up this 8 piece sample kit that features all of our main line up fragrances in 5 ml bottles. It comes in a reusable metal survival tin that can be used to store items in while you travel, plus you get an awesome adventure sticker inside!

Want your beard to feel, look, and smell better? Then use beard products. That’s the simple takeaway from my 30-day journey with Weatherbeard. I, like many of you, had never used any form of official beard product before jumping aboard the Weatherbeard express. I just figured I could let nature take its course for the most part and use whatever soap I already had in the shower for my face.

  • 6 min read
Are you in the midst of Dry January? How’s it going? How are the cravings? When Friday at five o’clock rolls around do you open the fridge out of habit and just look around like you’re in the midst of some kind of Pavlovian experiment?
  • 3 min read

Alright, gents. Today, we’re here to tackle a tricky topic: Getting your wife to greenlight your beard. Maybe you’ve wanted to grow one forever. Maybe you’re doing it for a good cause. Perhaps you just forgot to shave for a few weeks and want to ride this thing out and see where the journey takes you.

  • 4 min read