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Who knew you had to take care of your beard?

Not us, that's for sure.

Back in 2015, during No Shave November, I (Cory) decided to let my razor hibernate and let my face embrace the wild side. Little did I know that along with the sprouting of unruly hairs, a relentless beard itch would come knocking. It was a battle between me and my facial foliage, and I was determined to come out victorious! I always wanted to become the bearded mountain man of my dreams without spending my days clawing at my face, so I embarked on a journey that has transformed my life ever since.

With my determined, entrepreneurial spirit, I transformed my kitchen table into a laboratory, ready to conquer the beard itch blues. After scouring the internet for a DIY beard oil recipe, I whipped up a lackluster blend that did little to impress. 

But I wasn't one to give up easily…

Undeterred, I found myself relentlessly tinkering and refining the formula, conducting countless trials until I struck upon a more adventurous blend. This blend not only softened my bristles but also brought much-needed relief from the annoying itch that plagued me. It was a eureka moment, and I couldn't keep this beard-sational secret to myself!

And so, from these humble beginnings, a forest of ideas began to grow. I delved into the world of unique scent profiles, crafting complex aromas that evoked the crispness of a mountain stream, the freshness of the woods, or that invigorating first sip of coffee after breaking camp in the morning.

As I shared my creations with friends and coworkers, I left them impressed and even gained the ultimate seal of approval from my wife (Hannah) – now, that's an accomplishment! I realized I had stumbled upon something extraordinary.

My beard oils quickly gained popularity in local barbershops and health food markets, signaling that it was time to expand to new heights. The demand was soaring, and it was clear that these products were blazing a trail!  With the support of my wonderful wife, we ventured into the online world, launching our own website. Today, Weatherbeard is no longer just a kitchen table experiment — it has become a full-time venture with a humble warehouse in a small Tennessee town, offering a wide range of grooming supplies.

So, grab your beard comb, lace up your hiking boots, and let Weatherbeard be your guide. Get ready to conquer mountains, tame wild manes, and revel in the brotherhood of extraordinary beards and top-notch grooming supplies.

Thank you for reading our story and supporting our small business!

- Cory and Hannah Weatherbee

Wait, what the heck is No-Shave November, anyway? It’s a valid question. First of all, sort of like Dry January, it just has a ring to it. Marketers love loose rhymes and alliteration, after all. Perhaps because of that, it loses its meaning over time, and you’ve forgotten why you even grow it out every November. 

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Are you ready to embark on a scent-filled adventure? Weatherbeard Supply Co brings you a collection of captivating men's parfums designed to transport you to untamed landscapes and invigorate your senses. With eight unique fragrances available in two convenient sizes, our parfums are the perfect companion.
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Growing a beard can be an exciting adventure, but the itching and discomfort can be a real challenge. Fortunately, we offer various products that can assist you with your beard care journey by keeping your beard healthy and well-groomed. In this blog, we will discuss three of our most popular products: Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Butter and find out which one works best for different scenarios.
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