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Explore Our Scent Profiles

Searching for the perfect scent that fits you best but not sure where to start?
Read our full scent profile list below to start your journey to better beard and body care today!

Main Line Beard Care Fragrances

Embered Nights - Fresh tobacco, warm vanilla, earthy moss, autumn spices, toasted marshmallow, and smoked woods

Lakeside Lodge - Crushed sage, salty air, driftwood, earthy vetiver, juicy citrus fruits, and fresh teakwood

Leathered Woods - Genuine leather, fresh cut sawdust, rustic barn wood, earthy moss, and musk

Rustic Ridge - Dried oak, smooth caramel, sweet honey, dark amber, smoked hickory, and molasses

Sierra Sunset - Tangy lemon, juicy orange, fresh eucalyptus, smooth bourbon, warm vanilla, and toasted coconut flakes

Smoked Cherry - Campfire smoke, crisp birch, piped cherry tobacco, rich oud, and red maple leaves

Southbound - Fresh picked blackberries, sugared pecans, smooth sandalwood, rich amber, and crisp autumn leaves

Timber Trail - Aromatic redwood, exotic oud, silver birch, aged teakwood, earthy vetiver, and rich soil

Basecamp - An unscented blend for your next great adventure

P.S You can try all of our main line up scents that are listed above in our Beard Oil Sample Kit 

Special Edition Beard Care Fragrances

Coastal Command - Coastal Command is a special collaboration with YouTube content creator, Dan C Bearded. It contains notes of tart grapefruit, juicy pineapple, and a burst of freshness

Midnight Cruz - Midnight Cruz is a special collaboration with YouTube content creator J Cruz "Healthy Bearded". It is a smooth, inviting, and classy scent containing notes of smooth vanilla, warm amber, fresh tobacco leaf, and a hint of powdered musk

Happy Camper - S'mores, scotch whiskey, and bonfire smoke

Beard & Body Soap Fragrances

Alpine Escape - Pine, lemon, and fresh air

Backcountry - Cedar, lemongrass, and citronella

Canyon Cove - Cedar, mint, and patchouli

Cascade Falls - Eucalyptus, lime, and bergamot

Coastal Cliff -  Ocean air, mint, and white musk

Glacier Ridge - Rosemary, lavender, and fresh herbs

Meadow Springs - Green tea, lemon, and orange

Prairie Peak - Tobacco, musk, and floral accord

Valley Breeze- Pomegranate, pear, and spice

Woodland Way - Tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary

Solid Cologne Fragrances

Aurora - Blood Orange, Roasted Coffee, Amber, Clary Sage, & Ebony Woods (Inspired by Ralph Lauren - Polo Red Extreme)

Bayside - Orange, Lavender, Anise, Nutmeg, Juniper, Leather, & Patchouli (Inspired by Gucci - Made To Measure)

Crosswind - Lemon, Tangerine, Neroli, Rosemary, Orange, Persimmon, & White Musk (Inspired by Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio)

Nova - Cardamom, Orange, Oakmoss, Musk, Fir, Rosewood, Vetiver, Lemon, & Sage (Inspired by Abercrombie Fierce)

Solstice -  Saffron, Redwood, Bergamot, Cedar, Grapefruit, Amber, Cranberry, & Sage (Inspired by Ralph Lauren - Polo Red)

Torrent - Bergamot, Pepper, Amberwood, Cedar, Vetiver, Nutmeg, & Warm Musk  (Inspired by Dior Sauvage)

Zenith - Mandarin, Pepper, Nutmeg, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Birch, & Patchouli (Inspired by Givenchy - Gentlemen Only)