Summer Scent Release! Coastal Command Beard Care + Spray Parfum Now Available

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Based on 1398 reviews
Coastal command

Best pineapple scent. ....EVER

Great Scent and Company

Recently tried Door County and it was a really smooth scent. Love it and the feel in beard is one of the best!!!!

The best protection ensured that nothing was damaged.

The scent was fantastic and it made my beard feel great.

Arctic command oil is refreshing

Everything I've tried from weatherbeard has been top notch. The arctic command oil, did not disappoint.

Stripped the stuff left in beard, love the feel in beard and on body! Just a generally great experience from purchase to use!

Great Summer Scent

This is a great summer scent. Pineapple is the first scent! It is a very light and fruity smell!!

Midnight Cruz smells amazing!

At first when I applied it I had a little bit of a hard time detangling my beard, and I thought it was gonna leave me a bad feel in beard... but at the moment it totally air dried.... 😱😍 it was soft and manageable! I liked it. So I guess it's more of a slow absorbing oil that does lots of good for your beard!
The scent Midnight Cruz is terrific! 😍 it's totally my personal type of scent

Beard Conditioner
Antonio M.
Great stuff!

Awesome beard conditioner! I like how creamy it is, the consistency is cool cause it let's you distribute the product throughout the beard smoothly :)

Sample pack

Love the sample pack and the scents are amazing!! Had to try them all and they are all are top notch!

50ML Door County Spray Parfum - Top Shelf!!

Was already such a fan of the Door County oil and butter, then BANG!, Cory comes out with this matching scent spray parfum. I had a lot of the typical questions in my mind when I ordered, but loved the Door County scent so much, I wanted to roll the dice on the parfum. First thing - this is a parfum and has a much STRONGER and LONGER LASTING scent than most colognes will, due to a higher level of fragrance oils. Second thing in my mind was how closely would this scent actually match the beard product scent. 💯 NAILED IT! I had my wife check it throughout the day and the Parfum scent remained true and its scent was slightly stronger to her than the beard product scent after a few hours, which is exactly what you'd want. This Door County spray parfum is sooooo good! My wife and I love it!

Signature Beard Oil
Matthew M.
Beard Wash, beard conditioner, beard oil/balm (Embered Nights)

I've been using these products for over a month now and I can say clearly from having a beard for over a decade and trying everything under the sun, these product have my beard more soft and manageable than anything I've used thus far! I'd highly recommend this stuff it's all I'll be using from now on!!! Keep on doing you Weatherbeard !!!!

Super smooth butter. I love Lakeside Lodge.

Makes my beard soft and manageable. Plus this scent is fantastic.

Unique scent with an oil blend that rocks!

Sierra sunset

I'm addicted to all beard stuff with citrus. I have to say out of all the ones I found this makes my beard feel the fullest and softest.

Orchard Breeze

This is an easy review to write. Orchard Breeze is a fantastic scent! You get the apple, you get the cardamom and amber but you also get other scents. While I can't pinpoint it exactly, it has a very familiar smell to it. One that is very appealing and in a way comforting because of the familiar scent. The carrier blend is spot on and leaves my beard soft and non-greasy.

Excellent scent. I highly recommend this one and also getting the matching cologne.

This is probably my favorite scent from the line. It’s totally my profile scent.

Nice and soft scent. Clean and a tad bit of fruit/sweetness. Very good quality beard butter

This oil is really good. My beard is soft and full and this scent is awesome. It is a must have for your beard.

I love this scent. Really adds to the smell when I use it with the beard oil and butter. This is a must have. Great job Weatherbeard.

Really good oil. Feels good in my beard and makes it soft and full.

Great long lasting cologne. I love this scent

Really nice butter. Leave my beard soft and smooth. Plus the scent is fantastic.