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Based on 1323 reviews

Love the scent & this beard butter has the best consistency of any beard butter I have tried. This company has quickly became one of my very favorites. Keep up the great work.

Door county oil

Love it

Great scent, feel in beard, quality and amazing customer service

Love the scent, quality and customer experience

SIERRA SUNSET10 ML Signature Men's Parfum

After ordering the oil & butter I decided I'd try this as well & just like the oil & butter I think you need to order you some of this, great product. I had a few questions which their team got up with me very fast & overall a great experience with this company.

Signature Beard Oil
Bradley H.

I first learned of this company from Dan C. Bearded & ordered the Coastal Command (I can't wait until that is restocked) but after reading the descriptions I decided I'd give Sierra Sunset a try & I am very glad I did. I love the consistency of both their oils & butters. Great product & they are now on my regular order list which is not them & about two other places but the scents here are right up there among the best I have tried & I have been bearded a long time now, try you some of this you'll be happy you did.

Great scent.

Weatherbeard is "Class A" when it comes to unique and incredible scents. A lot of folks out there have a citrus-type profile, but none like Southbound. Another good reason to shop with these guys.

This scent smells GREAT !!!!

Bring it back please

This stuff smells GREAT !!!!

Bring this scent back.

Beard Butter - Embered Nights

Probably the best beard butter I've used yet. Smells great and combined with the beard oil, my beard is the softest it has been in a long time.

The good stuff!

I’ve been using weatherbeard for quite some time and have found that nothing compares. The competition isn’t even close! The Arctic Command has strong notes of vanilla and a minty fresh scent that lasts throughout the day. The beard butter with the beard oil provides a healthy, strong look to my beard that keeps the women swooning and fainting. I’ve had to carry a stick and a pocket full of stones to keep them away!

beard butter lakeside lodge


Basecamp Beard Butter

Works amazing, keeping my beard soft all day on these cold dry winter days.

Southbound Beard Oil

Great bargain for an excellent product smells amazing feels great in beard

No Hype, Amazing Scent!

I have previously purchased Door County beard oil, beard balm, beard conditioner and soap. I have to say it was no surprise that I received another great item from Weatherbeard Supply CO., I can’t recommend their products enough. South bound beard oil and balm provide a phenomenal scent, has great texture, and lives up to the hype. It didn’t hurt that I was able to purchase the product at a discounted price. It’s great that they are always running promos and discounting prices; it then becomes a true bargain and deal!

Leathered Woods Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)

What a wonderful blend of high quality carrier oils! The scent is perfect as well, leather excellence!

Beard Wash
Bradley M.
Beard wash Wow!

Amazing daily gentle wash! Amazing lather... great natural smell... leaves beard feeling so smooth and clean... highly recommend this one...

Door County oil! Amazing!

So So good... smells so good... leaves beard so soft... it's a must have...

Southbound Beard Oil is wonderful!

I really like this scent! Reminds me of a berry orchard, some apple notes, and calming amber. Beard feels great using but just really surprised it's unlike some of the other weather beard scent. Buy before it's gone!

Door County is another great scent from Weatherbeard. I will order the full size bottle of oil and butter to add to my collection.

Leathered Woods Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)

Like all Weatherbeard beard oils, the carrier blend and feel in beard is too notch, however, this scent was a disappointment. I’ve loved every scent I’ve ever tried from Weatherbeard, but this one’s just not for me.

Leathered Woods Beard Balm (Closeout Sale)

Another phenomenal scent from an amazing company!

Another phenomenal scent from an amazing company!

Leathered Woods Beard Oil (Closeout Sale)

Another phenomenal scent from an amazing company!