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Based on 1128 reviews
Beard Survival Sample Kit

I purchased the Beard Survival Sample kit at the Backwoods Fest over the weekend and I'm loving all of the scents I've tried so far. The oil makes my beard feel soft and the scent lasts. I can still smell it the next day. Will definitely order more oils, balms and butters in the future once I pick my favorite scents.

Coastal Command!

This is a great scent and oil definitely in the top 3 for me the feel in beard is terrific will always have weatherbeard in my rotation!

Good job weatherbeard 👏

Top notch stuff👍👍. After seeing how much I like the oils some friends bought me a whole bunch of the butters and balms and oils. Smells fantastic. I can't think of a single bad thing to say. I am definitely going to be ordering again.

Embered Nights, Orchard Breeze, Rustic Ridge, Lakeside Lodge

Amazing products. Can't go wrong with any of the oils. Definitely will be purchasing more products. My favorite sent so far is Orchard Breeze. I'm fan of the Apple scent

Arctic Command Oil

My first and only minty scent so far and doesn't disappoint. Description is spot on. Fresh and invigorating. Feels great in beard too. All day softness.

Grab it now!!!

These parfum travels are perfect for on the go and they smell amazing! Do not hesitate, I purchased Desert Dusk and Saddle Creek and I plan to get more! Cory and Hannah are the real deal 🙏

Signature Beard Oil / Beard Butter - Basecamp

This was my 1st time trying Weatherbeard and I’m stocked that I did. This beard oil blend is top notch and works very well with my beard and last throughout the day. The basecamp is unscented and doesn’t have any smell, I wear cologne and don’t like my scents to clash with each other. If you haven’t tried this oil out, you have been missing out. This beard oil has a permanent spot in my weekly rotation now.

Beard Oil Sample Kit

Without a doubt the BEST feel-in beard oil I've ever used, which says a lot given how many other companies I've tried.
The scents are great too. Liked them all except for Sierra Sunset...just not a fan of coconut in general. Weatherbeard will be my go to beard oil.

Saddle Creek and Rustic Ridge beard balm

These scents are pure money. I love them both. Aside from that, the balm itself is perfect for my needs...soft enough for ease of use and to feel good in beard yet enough to help tame the fly aways. Good stuff like all this company's products.

Basecamp Wash & Conditioner.

I really love how I can use this wash everyday and not be worried about my beard being dry. This is a phenomenal daily wash and the conditioner leaves this man’s feeling soft and manageable. Truly great products. So happy I finally gave them a shot, well worth the money!

Base Camp Conditioner

Its unscented but I love the "scent". It smells exactly the same as the conditioner I used from a different company, but with better ingredients. I use it on my beard AND my scalp. My beard tangles a lot because it's naturally curly, however, the conditioner combined with cold water rinsing has been working wonders. If it works for me, it'll work for you.

Lakeside Lodge - Amazing

This beard balm, phew! It is so amazing! The scent is so invigorating. It is so fresh and delicious. As with any beard balms, I use a blow dryer real quick to warm it up in the hands and it creates a beautiful, smooth texture on any beard. 10/10 do recommend.

Embered Nights

Okay, it's a little spicy off the spray...
Trust me, the sweetness that follows will have you thinking if you sprayed it or not. Just a good spritz, walk through it, and it will last you all day. I received compliments the first day I used it. If you want to impress, or just smell good all day, use this.

Spice off the spray, lingers for about 3 minutes then it turns into a sweet bourbon scent that pairs very well with sweet and smoky

Beard Wash
Top Notch wash

Great Great beard wash. Would encourage everyone to try this one. Phenomenal job!

Best butter so far

Bought some beard butter on sale to try . I’m amazed how well it works my beard combs out so easy in the morning instead of pulling hairs and have not had a bad beard hair day. Since using this butter the best beard butter I’ve used so far !

Scent Strength

This scent is truly great, my only nit picky thing would be the scent could be stronger. Overall, the oil feels good in the beard and has a great scent!

Sierra Sunset Oil & Butter

Just as the label says "Zesty Relaxing Smooth" Feels so good in beard, I find the scent so light and refreshing, using the oil & butter together keeps the beard feeling in control and soft all day long, great overnight scent as well. I have oil & butter to try in Orchard Breeze, Rustic Ridge, Lakeside Lodge and Coastal Command, but I can't stop using the Sierra Sunset long enough to get the others in rotation... yet !


Weatherbeard knocked it out of the park with their initial release of these colognes. The travel size is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to try out a variety of options or for using on the go. I've tried six fragrances and all smell fantastic; there are some that last a little bit longer than others but all go for a good few hours at least. My favorite of the bunch is Orchard Breeze, but Sierra Sunset is definitely the biggest surprise as I didn't expect it to smell as good as it does but it's my number 2. These colognes will be a regular use for me!

8 Piece Signature Beard Oil Sample Kit

I am loving these scents! Looking forward to trying more. No complaints nor dislikes anywhere on any of them. Keep up the amazing work!

The New Era Viking

Signature Men's Parfum...Saddle Creek

Man...I love this stuff. Saddle Creek is so awesome. That Leather dry down is fire U got a lttle one to try along with 2 others: Rustic Ridge and Desert Dusk. The longevity of these colognes is pretty good and they are uniquel scents....all the bettet. Will be buying larger version.

Rustic Ridge

I love the scent and it makes my beard feel nice and soft.

Cologne - Saddle Creek & Lakeside Lodge

I love this brand, so I gotta be honest and say that I was still skeptical because I've never used a cologne that WASN'T from a department store/big brand. Not only does it not smell like pure alcohol, I can even add another spritz or two while I'm out and smell like some of my favorite berd oils ALL DAY LONG! Luckily I snagged two thanks to their 2x a year BOGO sale. Pick any scent in cologne, you will not be disappointed.


I've gotten 4 colognes so far and am loving it. Hubby loves them too. I suggest you save for the bigger bottle cause you can fly through the travel size. And that's not because it's too small, it's just that good. Embered Nights is my go to and Saddle Creek is my hubby's. Honestly though you can't go wrong with any of the scents.

Embered Nights oil

This is an awesome oil. Love the scent and makes my beard feel great. Keep up the good work my friend,will be a future customer for sure.

Embered nights

Fast service and great product!! Wife loves the scent!