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Beard Oil

  • Product Details

    How To Use: Place a few drops of oil into your palms and rub hands together. Focusing on the skin underneath, distribute oil evenly throughout your beard. Finish styling with a comb/brush.

    Ingredients: Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Castor Oil, Fragrance

    Size: 1 fl oz/30 ml
  • Scent Profiles

    Embered Nights - A warm, spicy, and inviting scent containing notes of fresh tobacco, warm vanilla, earthy moss, autumn spices, toasted marshmallow, and smoked woods.


    Lakeside Lodge - A clean, nautical, and herbal scent containing notes of crushed sage, salty air, driftwood, earthy vetiver, juicy citrus fruits, and fresh teakwood.


    Leathered Woods -  A bold, rugged, and woodsy scent containing notes of genuine leather, fresh cut sawdust, rustic barn wood, earthy moss, and musk.


    Rustic Ridge - A cozy, rich, and luxurious scent containing notes of dried oak, smooth caramel, sweet honey, dark amber, smoked hickory, and molasses.


    Sierra Sunset - A zesty, relaxing, and smooth scent containing notes of tangy lemon, juicy orange, fresh eucalyptus, smooth bourbon, warm vanilla, and toasted coconut flakes.


    Smoked Cherry - A dark, smoky, and fresh scent containing notes of campfire smoke, crisp birch, piped cherry tobacco, rich oud, and red maple leaves.


    Southbound - A sweet, calming, and crisp scent containing notes of fresh picked blackberries, sugared pecans, smooth sandalwood, rich amber, and crisp autumn leaves.


    Timber Trail - An earthy, musky, and exotic scent containing notes of aromatic redwood, exotic oud, silver birch, aged teakwood, earthy vetiver, and rich soil.

Beard Oil Benefits

Beard Oil is the most essential piece of gear that you will need on your beard grooming journey.
Consider it your base layer since it should always be applied before any other product.
Beard Oil penetrates the skin underneath your beard and provides essential nutrients for healthy beard growth.
Let's face it, your beard will itch during the early stages of beard growth and beard oil will help to ditch that itch!

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Beard oil and butter Embered Nights

Bought for husband, he’s very picky and he loved it! Started shopping for himself after I told him about the different options. Smells amazing!

Mike P.
Leather night Rustic ridge and Ember night

After trying sampler picked ones I like ordered bigger on Friday got on Tuesday you guys are AWSOME got out quickly love the scents that last all day have a job dealing with people and customers comment besides office staff. Again you guys are AWESOME

Matthew G.
Smoked cherry oil

The best smelling beard oil I have used in 5 years.

Aaron H.
Smoked Cherry oil

It wasn't what I expected. If you can imagine a light dusting of cherry scent on pipe tobacco with a hint of a campfire. It was different and delightful. My favorite so far is Embered Nights but Smoked Cherry will definitely be put in rotation.

Maria K.
Purchased Several as Christmas gifts 🎁

Caved and had to see what the honey thought of them!!
Loves the Beard Oil Timber Trail (I do too!!!) the bar soaps are fantastic too! Prairie Peak minty experience with a hint of the great outdoors and will not leave your skin dry and flaky!
Great products! And speedy shipping!