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How To Sell Your Wife On Growing A Beard

  • 4 min read

How To Sell Your Wife On Growing A Beard

How To Sell Your Wife On Growing A Beard

Alright, gents. Today, we’re here to tackle a tricky topic: Getting your wife to greenlight your beard.

Maybe you’ve wanted to grow one forever. Maybe you’re doing it for a good cause. Perhaps you just forgot to shave for a few weeks and want to ride this thing out and see where the journey takes you.

But now you’ve developed a relationship with your beard and are loving the new you. You’re feeling the confidence boost. You’re ready to get out there and start swinging an axe and make your family a new table and go hunt and forage for dinner.

Yeah, that’s where growing a beard can take you (hypothetically).

The Weatherbeard team is here to help! First, you’ve got to get that approval from the wife. Here’s how.


Setting The Stage

Wherever you’re at in your bearded journey, you’ll come to a crossroads.

“Honey, I think I like this new me,” you’ll say. “Will you accept this beard now and forever?”

Or something along those lines. You get the point! 

Short of rewriting your vows, you’re going to want to get some spousal buy-in. So sell that beard to her in a way that doesn’t bristle your relationship or put it on the razor’s edge. 

You don’t want an “it’s me or the beard” approach, rather a “Hey, this is growing on me. I think you should try to love it too.” (We should also note here that we are NOT marriage counselors, just beard experts, but this seemed like common sense!) But gents, you need to do your part too. Don’t just convince your wife with words, but with actions.

Because there are three common issues she likely has with your beard, and we have the solution for each. Read on!

Issue #1: She Doesn’t Like How It Looks

Often, this is a matter of preference for her. She prefers the clean-shaven look. You’ve never had a beard, so she doesn’t know you/doesn’t like it. Change is hard!

But stay with us here — maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t look good.

It happens! No face or beard is created equal, so there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe to growing a good-looking beard. To make the most of your moment, you’ll definitely need to exercise some patience and let it fill in, but you also want to make sure that you find your style and grow your beard in a way that best suits the shape of your face.

Yes, even the bushiest, manliest, perfectly-sculpted beard took time to feed, nurture, and trim. You can do most of your beard maintenance work at home, but we’d also recommend taking the occasional trip to a professional barber to get it looking its absolute best. 


Issue #2: She Doesn’t Like How It Feels

This is a big one, especially in those early stages. While there’s not much you can do about that rough, early-stage stubble — consider it growing pains for your lady — you can absolutely help soften your bristle as your beard grows.

Adding beard wash, beard oil, beard butter, or beard balm to your routine tells her that you’re committed to this relationship. Well, both relationships — to your beard, and to her comfort. 

Men, that’s what we call initiative and compromise and she’s going to love you for it. She’s also going to love how it smells. That’s a big win for beards everywhere.


Issue #3: She Just Doesn’t Like It

The ol’ “I just don’t like it” pickle.

Well, it’s time to hit her with false equivalencies and storytelling.

Cite great bearded men of history like Abe Lincoln and Bob Seger and Santa. Yeah, you’re just like them now!

Play with your kids and nieces and nephews and if you don’t have any, random kids around the neighborhood, and show her how much they love playing with your beard.

Constantly nuzzle your dog to trigger some envy.

Show her the confidence boost it gives you. How it helps you be taken more seriously, makes you wiser, and even boosts your sales. Beards have benefits, yes they do!

And, well… just go for broke. Pull out all the stops. You’re living out a lifelong dream as a bearded gentleman. You’re more adventurous, more woodsy somehow. You opened a jar with minimal effort. You read books now. You drink stouts and whiskey. 

Oh but for her? Flowers and chocolate always help.



There is no foolproof strategy to getting your wife to approve and fall in love with your beard. But you know her better than us, right? Use pieces of the strategies above to find what will form your best plan.

But no matter what, taking care of your beard and doing your best to make it look and feel clean will improve your chances of bearded bliss.

We’re here to help.