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Beard Maintenance Tips From Weatherbeard Supply Co

  • 4 min read

Beard Maintenance Tips From Weatherbeard Supply Co

I’m Growing A Beard... Now What?

Get ready to dig in on your beard maintenance program. It’s easy, don’t worry!

You already did step one, which is to literally do nothing. 

Well, okay, not literally, literally. Whatever your motivations, you made the decision to stop shaving. Well played, good sir! Take that, patriarchy!

While you’re giving up a chance to be on the Yankees (yes, they still require players to shave), you’re gaining some super manly cred.

But a short time after making the momentous decision to grow some face fur, you’re going to reach that dreaded itch phase. YES, it’s a thing. You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and with a little help, it’s easy to scoot by.

Then… You’re going to want to figure out how to take care of your beard. Maybe you’ve grown to like it or maybe it suits you. Maybe you just want to see how long you can ride the ride.

We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help you take care of that beard. To make it majestic and masculine. It all starts with a simple maintenance program. 

Taking Care Of Your Beard 101

Congratulations on growing a beard. Now, you probably have some questions.

Do I just use shampoo on my face? No!

Will it ever stop itching? Yes!

What do I feed this thing? We’re getting there! Patience, grasshopper!

Let’s go step-by-step here to give you an easy rundown on beard maintenance.

Keep It Clean

Let’s start here. If you don’t wash your beard, it’s going to get gross. That's where our awesome beard wash comes in handy.

Sure, using your regular shampoo is better than nothing, but your facial hair is much different than your head hair. Unless you’re rocking a brillo pad on your dome, your beard will be much coarser than your head hair. 

But, keeping your beard clean is the most important way to fight off the itch. Remember — it’s not the beard itself that itches, but the skin underneath. And just like your scalp can dry out, your face can too. It’s not used to being covered in hair, and using a head shampoo designed to strip oil away will cause your skin to become more dry!

Your beard can get gross just like your head hair if you aren’t washing it, so make sure you grab a beard wash — a shampoo specifically formulated for beards. This is the best way to take care of your sensitive skin while washing the grime out of your beard. 

Keep It Moist

Once you've got your beard washing down, it's time to add a little beard oil.

While the purpose of a beard wash is to gently clean your beard, it is not designed to nourish the skin and hair to make your beard soft and manageable like beard oil.

A beard oil is made with a combination of carrier oils that will help you keep your beard soft and shiny. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately!

Think of beard oil as your daily moisturizer. Not only do beard oils keep your facial forest feeling great, but they also nourish the skin underneath your beard. Carrier oils like jojoba, abyssinian, and coconut help keep your skin nourished to avoid itchiness and dryness.


Style It

If you’d like to take things a step further with your beard maintenance, consider a beard balm. Beard balms contain ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and carrier oils which help control your wild man mane.

Balms may be unnecessary for some guys, but if you really want to style your beard, much in the same way you style your head, you can keep your beard looking fresh with a good beard balm. 

As for frequency, you can use your balm whenever you want to keep your beard looking clean for a night out or a business meeting. If you live in a colder climate, beard balms go a long way in protecting your beard and skin from the elements.


Trim It

Once your beard gets to a certain length you’ll notice that not every hair is created equal. Certain patches of your face will grow at different speeds than others. Some may not entirely come in at all.

This, in tandem with the shape of your face, is how you learn to style your beard. Whether you have a round face or a square jaw, you will learn to fine-tune your edges, even things out, and form a beard that looks best for your proportions. 

For this segment, you’ll want a beard trimmer. You may already have one, but if you’ve been clean-shaven, it’s an item to add to your kit. A beard trimmer is the best way to keep your beard neat unless you somehow have an unlimited budget at your barber. Those professional trims are great for the occasional shape-up, but they sure can add up fast!

Look for a well-reviewed trimmer that won’t pull at your hair or cause irritation. Read those reviews to find the best option!


Comb It

LAST STEP. You should get a beard comb.

Why? Can’t I just use my hands?

Of course, you can! And you often will. But hear us out…

Combing out your beard helps to evenly distribute the oils, butters, and balms. The smooth teeth of our carbon fiber beard comb glide effortlessly through your beard, taming any pesky knots and tangles.



That’s our easy five-step beard maintenance program. You can add more as you become a master of your bearded domain, but for beginner beard growers, this is the best tried-and-true routine. 


Water it. Feed it. Wash it. Moisturize. Style. Trim. Comb. Easy, peasy!


Here’s how Weatherbeard can help:


Our proprietary blends are unlike any other in the crowded beard space. High quality ingredients and uniquely masculine scents. No garbage. 


Try it out and make growing a beard a pleasure instead of an itch!