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Best Scents To Get Stuck In Your Beard

  • 4 min read

Best Scents To Get Stuck In Your Beard

Best Scents To Get Stuck In Your Beard

If you’re currently the (mostly) proud owner of a majestic man mane growing flowing out of your face like a beacon of masculinity and awesomeness, then you know one side effect of the mighty beard: stuff is going to get stuck in there.

Chip crumbs, beer froth, that sandwich you had like a week ago, sand from your summer beach vacation, and is… is that a stamp? What were you even mailing?

But more than just the miscellaneous category of items that get tangled in your face web, your beard is going to catch aromas too. Sometimes they’re awesome, sometimes, not so much.

And it seems like no matter how much lathering you do, even with the best beard wash known to man, the smell sticks with you. After all — it’s right there under your nose.

Since we here at Weatherbeard are focused on all things awesome, we’re focused on the benefits here. Some smells just don’t get old! So without further ado, here are our five favorite scents to get stuck in your beard, counted down for dramatic effect.

5. Your Woman

Ladies first, am I right?! Now, without going too far into detail here, there’s something special about the scent of your woman lingering in your beard. This is especially true if you spend all day away from your family earning that bread, or even more so if you’re away longer on business trips.

What makes this aroma great is only you know it. Once it hits your nose your heart is instantly full. You get a little reminder of your purpose. And you can’t wait to get back home.

Recommended Beard Scent: No aroma can replicate her but if you want to keep your facial forest nourished you can check out our Basecamp unscented line.

4. Dirt

Dirt is another one of our favorites as it grounds us and helps us feel connected to the earth. From weekend adventures in nature to garden projects around your home, dirt offers a surprisingly pleasant odor. It’s just plain natural — it literally is the earth.

There’s excitement when that fresh truckload gets dumped on the driveway for your latest project. There’s a profound pleasure driving a stake into the ground at the tailgate or campsite. There’s something inherently human about dirt and being dirty. Maybe you’ll even get a ping of nostalgia as you picture yourself fielding grounders or running around the bases in little league. 

Will you also want to wash it out? Oh yeah. But in that one moment you catch a whiff, you’ll feel contentment. You earned it.

Recommended Beard Scent: Timber Trail

3. Citrus

Lemon water for your morning energy boost and to kick-start your digestion. Drizzling lime on your fancy avocado toast. Orange slices at halftime. 

Citrus comes in many forms, but they’re all juicy, and they’ll all give a little spritz when you enjoy them. That mist is going directly into your beard, and it’ll stick around too. 

Thankfully, citrus offers a sense of cleanliness and refreshment. You’ll feel like your beard is being nourished rather than soaked in juices. And if you feel fresh? Well, you might just look fresh too.

Recommended Beard Scent: Sierra Sunset

2. The Sea

There’s nothing quite like an ocean mist. The spray as it moves through a beachside town. The surf, the swell, the sandy ocean breeze. All of that goes right into your beard, especially if you hop in the water.

A morning on the lake? Pretty darn close. Or when a light rain just starts to fall? Hard to beat. The point is when you go swimming with a beard, that water is going to soak in there real nice. You’re going to want it to either be salty, a dazzling blue lake, or a crisp mountain spring — none of that dirty water.

Recommended Beard Scent: Lakeside Lodge



1. Bourbon

We’re willing to hear arguments for other spirits, but nothing quite hits like the rugged sweetness of bourbon. It’s meant to be savored, sipped during a great conversation, or while reading a leather-bound book. 

Bourbon’s nose is unparalleled, and it soaks nicely into your beard. Those alcohol notes go away, and you’re left with just the smooth finish. (Unfortunately, alcohol will dry out your beard, so use a beard oil instead of trying to go direct to your favorite Kentucky hug).

Recommended Beard Scent: Rustic Ridge


Those are our top five aromas to get stuck in your beard. Makes you want to grab your woman, your favorite bourbon, a bunch of fruit, and go on a camping and beach adventure, doesn’t it? We hear you!

But we bottled all of these sensations so you can enjoy them at home in your daily life too. Now you understand that there’s a science behind what we put into our beard care products. We use these evocative scents to make your beard feel alive!

Ready to take your beard grooming routine on an adventure? Start today.