• Styles & Shapes The Beard

• Controls Fly-Away Hairs

• Promotes Strong & Healthy Beard Hair

• Provides A Light - Medium Hold


Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, & Avocado Oil, & Fragrance/Essential Oils For Scent.

*Please read the full scent description under the "Details" section for a complete list of added ingredients.


    •Amber Trail (Sandalwood Amber)
    Amber Trail is a subtle, warm, inviting fragrance. This blend contains strong notes of Amber and Sandalwood mixed with a creamy base note reminiscent of a smooth cream soda! Amber in ancient times was often valued as highly as gold or other precious metals. We believe this blend will be a valuable asset to your daily grooming routine!
    **Amber Trail pairs well with Bayside and Nova Solid Colognes**


    •Classic Cut (Cuban Cigar)
    This blend is similar to a Cuban Cigar with notes of Clove, Cherry, Amber, and Smoky Spices. It is an intriguing blend that will complement the classy style of an urban gentleman. We would like to say that this blend is "just a cut above" the rest of our competition.
    **Classic Cut pairs well with Solstice and Bayside Solid Colognes**


    •Leather & Lumber (Leather, Pine, & Cedarwood)
    Not for the faint of heart! A true genuine leather fragrance combined with Pine and Cedarwood essential oils leave us with a very masculine and clean smelling scent. Perfect for any man of any age.
    **Leather and Lumber pairs well with Solstice and Ridgeland Solid Colognes*


    •Lions Night Out (Sporty & Aquatic scent similar to Cool Water cologne)
    We have teamed up with an awesome Facebook beard group called "Beard On" to create a Sporty yet Sophisticated blend that is perfect for any night out and also has an undeniably masculine cologne scent.  It can be compared to the popular Cool Water cologne by Davidoff.


    •Rustic Retreat (Sandalwood Bourbon)
    Calming woodsy tones of Sandalwood and the luxurious scent of Bourbon containing Vanilla, Caramel, and Oak are mixed to create this dapper southern gentleman's blend.
    **Rustic Retreat pairs well with Ridgeland and Solstice Solid Colognes**


    •Sierra Sunrise (Citrus notes of Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, & Lime along with warm notes of Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, & Vanilla)
    Sierra Sunrise is a blend of Citrus Essential Oils that are paired up nicely with Vanilla, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon. This combination of fragrances makes for a scent that is subtle, crisp, and clean.
    A perfect summer blend for those who want to continue taking summer with them throughout the rest of the year.
    **Sierra Sunrise pairs well with Anchorage and Bayside Solid Colognes**


    •Smoked Cherrywood (Piped Cherry Tobacco)
    Smoked Cherrywood is an all-time favorite for the old and young at heart. Reminiscent of Grandpa's Pipe filled with Cherry Tobacco, this unique scent may bring back memories but will certainly create new ones. The smoky tobacco, sweet cherry, and vanilla notes create a smooth and timeless blend.
    **Smoked Cherrywood pairs well with Daybreak and Nova Solid Colognes**


    •Sweet Embers (Tobacco Vanilla)
    Sweet Embers contains herbal and floral notes of Tobacco Leaf Flower, Warm Vanilla, and Spicy Cinnamon. This fragrance is a year around masculine scent that will compliment colognes and be a sure favorite of those closest to you.
    **Sweet Embers pairs well with Anchorage and Bayside Solid Colognes**


    •TreeBeard (Pine, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Tea Tree & Lavender)
    This scent brings the smell of the outdoors right into your hands. It features strong woodsy scents along with fresh and floral undertones... this is a perfect blend for the adventurous man.
    **TreeBeard pairs well with Crosswind and Ridgeland Solid Colognes**


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